Boobbix Lactation Cookies



Lactation Cookies are cookies that contain galactagogues, or ingredients, that can help maintain or increase your breast milk supply.  Some women try milk making tea, others try supplements or raw ingredients, but our Delicious Lactation Cookies are a great and simple that can help you to boost your milk supply naturally.

Don't worry, they don't contain any breast milk! 

We make and sell delicious Lactation Cookies for Breastfeeding and pumping mothers in the UK and USA.  They can help to support and increase their breast milk supply naturally.  If you have worries about low breast milk supply when pumping, or want a boost so that you can pump for reserves then our lovely Lactation Cookies can help you!

Boobbix Lactation Cookies come in 5 delicious flavours and are healthy at the same time as helping you make breast milk. They contain no artificial sweeteners or preservatives and are full of mostly organic, natural ingredients that provide mums and babies with essential vitamins and nutrients such as omega 3, iron, protein, fibre and folate. Here at Boobbix we only use unrefined sugars and flours which help you with your energy levels and don't result in a sudden slump.

All of our products contain 4 main ingredients that have long been thought to increase breast milk supply. These ingredients are known as Galactagogues, which are foods that can help to increase breast milk supply. Many women worldwide use different ingredients to stimulate and increase milk production, and lactation cookies are just the more convenient and tasty of them!

They come individually wrapped for freshness and are easy and convenient to pop in your bag and take anywhere making them the perfect filling snack for busy mothers!  Who doesn't snack on anything and everything whilst feeding?  Why not make your snacks count?

Read about us on our About Us Page, or our products on Our Cookies, or even better order now to try them for yourself!

If you have any concerns about breastfeeding or your supply it is extremely beneficial to consult a lactation consultant who can help you and your baby with latching, mastitis, positioning and any other feeding problems.  Our cookies will not replace advice and help from health professionals.

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