Price Reduction

We wanted to to let everyone know that there has been a change in the pricing structure here at Boobbix Lactation Cookies! 

Given the potential for Boobbix’s growth, we have been looking at ways to make us more competitive and cost effective and have decided to commit to a large quantity of both types of packaging and our ingredients, which has allowed us to take this into consideration with our box prices. 

With immediate effect, we will be reducing the box price from £12.50 to £10.50 and have looked at discounted postage. 

We now also offer second class postage, which although obviously slower, means that customers have a cheaper option. 

Anyone ordering up to 3 boxes with second class postage will pay from £11.43 per box including postage which is a significant decrease and hopefully one that will our customers will appreciate!

You can still also use the discount code "1sttime" to get a 10% discount code off of your first order!

So please check out our delicious Lactation Cookies at their new reduced rate.


Katie Jones 




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