Here's what some of our Mums have got to say about Boobbix Lactation Cookies

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  • "These really are everything you want from a cookie, with the added benefit for breastfeeding mums" - Harriett at Toby and Roo
  • "Firstly – they taste amazing.  Secondly  - they really do work! I noticed an increase in my supply after just one cookie" - Sarah at Forget Me Knit
  • "In conclusion I love them. I’m just disappointed I’ve discovered them so late on into breastfeeding and hadn’t heard of them sooner." - Meg at Little Miss Tiggy
  • "They are a great snack for breastfeeding mums, especially in the early days where it can feel like you are constantly hungry! They taste delicious and are full of ingredients which naturally boost your breast milk production." - Mallory at The Bourn Sisters
  • "I really enjoyed trying the cookies i had the cookies with cranberries these had a warming spiced flavour that reminded me of christmas, they are ideal as a nutritious quick snack aswell x i noticed a difference by day two my i was able to express a little more and it grew as the week went on really impressed x "  -  Leah Mead
  • "I love Boobix lactation cookies. They are a healthy yet yummy treat and made a huge improvement on my supply. One of my breasts wasn't favoured by my little one due to low supply. I started these fabulous cookies and they worked wonders! Deffo recommend to all breast feeding mummies. Xx"  -  Zoe Sadler
  • "I initially surfed Instagram finding the information on the Boobix cookie trial. My daughter was 8 months old at the start of the trial. I had just introduced solids to her diet as my production had slowed down tremendously. I was breastfeeding, but would pump about 3oz per breast, which was a huge decline from the 6-7oz per side in her earlier months. My chocolate chip cookies arrived in the mail early September and I ate one for early snack and one for late snack- 2 per day. That first week, I had an increase of one oz per breast. It seemed to have worked. By the end of the second week, my milk had increased to 5oz per side! The cookies tasted great- they smelled like regular oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies. I wasn't unable to smell or taste the milk boosting natural ingredients. Overall, the cookies were well worth it. I will definitely buy them once they are available for purchase."  -  D'Andrea Jacobs
  • "The cookies were fab! My milk supply went sky high, and they were yummy for a sneaky treat when I was feeding and struggling with being desperate for sugar! I'd recommend them to anyone breastfeeding."  -  Joanna Turnbull
    • "The cookies tasted very fresh. They tasted lovely and they definitely has a positive affect on my milk supply.  By day 3 I noticed that Zach was much more satisfied after feeds and there seemed to be less fussing between feeds. I also noticed by the end of the week that my breasts felt fuller and my flow seemed faster too.  I was taking fenugreek capsules also at the time but I had been taking these for about a week and a half before trying the lactation cookies so I'm convinced it was either the two combined or solely the cookies that worked the magic.  Thank you so much for them. I would definitely recommend them to other nursing mums :-)"  -  Abbie Davies