What are Boobbix Lactation Cookies?

Lactation cookies contain ingredients that can help breastfeeding mums to boost their milk supplies. Ingredients known as "Galactagogues" range from herbs to food products, and are used worldwide to help increase milk. They come in many shapes and sizes, but what better way than inside tasty baked goods?

Boobbix Lactation Cookies contain other ingredients that are good for you and provide essential vitamins that are good you and baby.  They do not contain breast milk,  the term "lactation" only refers to the effect they have!

What are in Boobbix Lactation Cookies?

The full list of ingredients can be found on each product's page and on the packaging. There is also a description of the Galactagogues (Oats, Fenugreek, Flaxseed and Brewer's Yeast) on our Our Cookies Page.

How soon will I see results?

This of course varies per individual as every woman, and every supply is different. However, most women who have tried Boobbix cookies have seen, and felt, improvements in a matter of days. We recommend eating 1-2 cookies a day for the first couple of days, and then increasing or decreasing as necessary.

No cookies will have any effect if you have a genuine milk supply issue.  If you have any concerns then please visit a GP, breastfeeding counsellor or lactation consultant who can help.

Why are your cookies this price?

It is very easy to just look at the product as a packet of cookies, the same as those that are mass-produced and readily available in all the major supermarkets. If compared to these products, then yes they can unfortunately appear to be expensive.

But Boobbix cookies are not just ordinary cookies!  The specific ingredients in the Boobbix recipe designed to assist with milk production are expensive items, and are added over and above the normal cookie recipe.  Also in order to mask the less than appealing taste of some of the added ingredients, additional items are added to make the cookies “taste good”. Otherwise you could just take the ingredients themselves, but trust me, you wouldn’t do that for long.  

The majority of the ingredients used are also free-range, organic and or un-refined, as we know the importance and benefits of using the best quality ingredients.  Obviously this is especially important when making products to be eaten by breastfeeding mums. 

Boobbix products themselves are made wrapped and boxed individually and this labour intensive method only adds to the item cost as we don’t mass produce any of our cookies. It does, however, make a difference when the cookies can be taken out in changing bags, or eaten on the go.  It also keeps them fresher for longer!

We do comparisons with other products available on the market, and make sure we are priced at a more reasonable level. If it were possible to reduce the cost any further than they are now, we would not exist as a company for very long. So don’t look at them as just a cookie, they are a product to “help mothers make more milk” in a cookie form, and they work!  And just think of all the money you could be saving on formula milk.

Can I buy Boobbix as a gift?

Of course, what a thoughtful idea! When you checkout fill in the Additional Comments box with a personal message which we will include it with the cookies for the recipient. We will send the invoice to you and make sure that the package looks pretty for them!

Do you sell dairy or gluten-free options?

At the moment we don't sadly offer dairy-free cookies; however our protein bars and drinks are!!

Do you offer subscriptions?

We are working to set this up at the moment! When it is live on the website you will be able to order a subscription of cookies meaning you can save money and have cookies ordered to you monthly without the fuss of having to reorder.

Interested in wholesale?

We are always looking for new markets and opportunities so if you have a proposal then please do Contact Us.

My Cookies arrived damaged! What can I do?

We're very sorry about this! We do try our best to protect our cookies to ensure that they remain as intact as possible during shipping, but understandably they are prone to damage when shaken about a bit during transit. Please Contact Us and we will rectify the problem.

What shipping options do you offer?

Please refer to our Delivery Page for more information.  

Can I return my item/s?

As our cookies are perishable food items we do not accepts returns or exchanges and all sales are final. However, if your order is wrong or damaged please Contact Us and we will organise a refund or replacement. 

If you have ordered clothes then we offer a 30 day return period as long as the items are in a resealable condition.  Please contact us if you want to return clothing.