NEW! Bumpbix Pregnancy Cookies

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Bumpbix Pregnancy Cookies

Bumpbix Pregnancy Cookies are the ideal snack for mums-to-be who are short of time and crave a treat but really need a healthy snack with natural vitamins and minerals.

Full of delicious dark chocolate chips for the taste buds, ginger for the morning sickness, and almond butter, wheat germ, sunflower seeds and the ultimate health food chia seeds for the pregnancy nutrition side, these cookies are perfect all-rounders!

Our cookies are made from mostly organic and free-range ingredients and are individually wrapped for convenience and freshness. They are a source of fibre, protein, folate, iron, calcium and Omega 3 but they’re not your traditional health bar.

Good nutrition is very important for you and your baby from the very beginning of your pregnancy journey, especially when you are a heavily pregnant mum and finding time to eat the right foods is tough so snacking on junk is inevitable. Pregnancy can take important nutrients from your body and when eaten alongside pregnancy supplements, Bumpbix Cookies can help to replace these. Why not eat our tasty cookies tailored for pregnant mums?

They’re tasty and filling and enough to keep you away from your junk-food cupboard!

Bumpbix cookies are a great pregnancy snack, that can satisfy your hunger and cravings as well as helping to support your pregnancy in a healthy and tasty way!

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